Western Victorian Branch Contacts

The Branch welcomes enquiries about membership, or any correspondence regarding Stock Horses.

E-mail is preferred for any non-urgent messages.

Key contacts for this Branch:

Colleen Page
Tel: 0413390261

Ashlee Carrigan-Walsh
Tel: 0437 567 635



Useful Links

The Australian Stock Horse Society, with news and happenings from all round the country.

Victorian Management Council ASHS
Website of the Victorian Management Council.

ASH SA Central Branch
South Australian ASHS branch for all things related to stock horses.

Glen Shea Farm
A south-west agistment farm for retired and elderly horses. Owner Erica has a genuine affection for horses, with stock horses holding a special place in her heart.

Interested in Stockhorses?

If you have an Australian Stockhorse, you can contact any member of the Committee and ask about attending meetings, promotional activities, clinics and schools.

If you don't have an Australian Stockhorse but would like to know more you can contact a member of the Committee, check out the Classifieds section of this website, or you can check out the links, visit the Australian Stock Horse official website and member sites.

You can also join this Branch directly by using this form:

Branch Membership Application