About the Western Victorian Branch

The Western Victorian Branch of the Australian Stock Horse Society was formed in the early 1970’s and like the overall Society, exists to promote the interests of Stock Horse owners and to organise information, promotion and competition around the breed.

With more than 70 members, the Branch is active throughout the year, and always welcomes new members interested in this great Aussie icon.

There is an active Show Committee, which is made up of general Committee members.

The task of the Show Committee is to prepare the program for the annual Branch Show (in itself a huge task), coordinate judges, show assistants, the venue, the final program, sponsorship, catering and finally – get themselves and their horses ready for the show itself!



There are also contacts within the Branch for ASHLA: the ladies of the ASHS take great pride in owning and riding their stock horses, and this particular class (an event at most shows) is keenly contested.

If you wish to learn more about ASHLA please visit the ASHS site: www.ashs.com.au



The Branch relies on community and corporate support for our major annual events.

The annual show major sponsor is The Midfield Group, the leading meat processor in South West Victoria, producing world-standard beef, veal, lamb, mutton and offal derivatives for local and export markets.

The Branch welcomes other businesses and organisations to sponsor Branch events. Contact the secretary to discuss details.

Australian Stock Horse

The Australian Stock Horse Society was established in Scone, NSW, in 1971.

Today, it is the largest organisation of recreation/working horses in the country, with 9,000 members and more than 150,000 registered horses.

The Society's mission is to maintain the heritage and to promote the bloodlines, as well as the high performance of the Australian Stock Horse among equestrian activities and the public.

The ASHS website - www.ashs.com.au - provides news and information about stock horses from all around Australia.